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Birmingham teacher fired for Islam dominance claims and anti-feminist views

During his tenure at Harborne Academy in Birmingham from December 2020 to March 2023, Khan made a series of remarks that were deemed professionally inappropriate. (Photo credit: X/@HarborneAcademy)

By: Vivek Mishra

A Muslim teacher in Birmingham, who suggested Islam was going to take over and claimed Westernised girls were “lunatics,” has been sacked.

Aqib Khan was dismissed for allegedly “undermining fundamental British values,” as determined by a professional misconduct panel of the Teaching Regulation Agency, reported The Telegraph.

During his tenure at Harborne Academy in Birmingham from December 2020 to March 2023, Khan made a series of remarks on a Microsoft Teams group that were deemed professionally inappropriate. He openly criticised feminism in his classes and shared personal opinions on various topics.

Among his controversial statements, Khan expressed views on marriage, gender roles, and demographic shifts, suggesting that Islam would see an increase in population and influence in the UK and other European countries by 2050.

He also said that he rejected a female doctor who earned £70,000 because he couldn’t be with a woman who earned more than him and told the students that the baby of a woman over the age of 30 was more likely to be disabled than a wife having one with her cousin, the newspaper reported.

Talking about the increasing Muslim population, he said: “Natural selection increasing our numbers as a result. By 2050 the whole of UK, France, and Germany will look like Birmingham. The number of Muslims went up 44 per cent in 10 years. Everyone else is falling or growing at a snail’s pace. Traditional values > liberalism.”

He also wrote: “White women enjoying life under shariah lol” under a picture of a news article that states “Alcohol ban helps female fans enjoy hassle-free football in Qatar”.

Khan was reported for showing a topless photo of himself to a student and for expressing discriminatory views against feminism. He allegedly made remarks suggesting that those who adhere to feminist ideals would be replaced by Muslims at a faster rate.

The investigation into Khan’s conduct was prompted by concerns raised by a staff member regarding his interactions with students, which were recorded on the school’s safeguarding portal.

The panel ultimately found Khan guilty of “undermining fundamental British values,” including individual liberty, mutual respect, and tolerance for diverse beliefs.

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