“If you have any gold in your house get it out now,” advises Ima Miah, CEO of Asian Resource Centre Croydon, an outreach groupfor Asian communities.

Ima is a leading voice for those communities. And right now her greatest concern is Asians getting targeted by ruthlessburglars who know many Asians have high-quality jewellery and valuables they keep in their homes.

“We’ve been approached by the police to inform people unaware of facilities such as Neelkanth Safe Deposit to keep their valuables in a secure setting. Burglars are very brazen. They have gold detectors so wherever you hide your jewellery, they’ll find it. They use young children to climb through bathroom windows. They monitor your house to see when you leave. These aren’t spontaneous break-ins. They’reruthlessly planned.”

Ima strongly advises people to keep only what they need in their home and to store the rest in a locker at a reputable safe deposit centre. “We know you like to wear gold. We know your jewellery is valuable and sentimental. We want you to be safe. A burglar could well be carrying a weapon, a knife or a gun. So please don’t put yourself at risk. Get your gold out the house.”

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