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IRELAND’s national police service will investigate a ‘racist’ incident, in which students were targetted, on a Dublin bus.

The garda force will look into the alleged racist abuse by a woman on Sunday (13) using the N-word and asking black-students to ‘go back to Africa’.

The video of the woman, filmed during the incident, was shared widely on social media. The alleged-abuser, a middle-aged white woman, also shouted at the bus driver when he approached her about her behaviour, the video showed.

Reports said that the young female students, in their early twenties, were returning home from a birthday celebration.

Started with an argument about social distancing, the unfortunate incident occurred on the number 44 Dublin Bus in the evening.

Following the incident, which lasted for about 10 minutes, the students were ‘left in tears’, reports said.

One of the victims said she “was shocked and upset” by the abuse.

According to reports, a fight also happened between the woman and fellow passengers over ‘her behaviour’.

Eye witnesses said the woman was drinking wine throughout the incident.